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From Pittsburgh pa and I'm new to real estate and I am about to acquire my first property. Having trouble finding prices of sold houses. Tried zillow,,,, and there's no listings on sold houses in my area. Any advice.

@Alex Tonecha

Try Search for the city, then under filters checkmark the sale records (light blue icon), and you can choose 3 months, 6 months etc. 

I will try that, thank you.

I'm sure a realtor who is investor friendly would be happy to give you comps. What they oils get out of it is listing your property.

Ok, is there any downside to using well known large realtors, (Howard Hanna, Century 21,...etc.) or should I look for a smaller more independent realtor? This is probably such a stupid question. I'm so green. 

There are a couple of books that you need to learn before pulling the trigger, read more first, these are not your $10 investment. You need a team, not only a realtor.

have you been to any REIA meet ups yet in your area? That is a very good way to connect with people. And I bet half of those people are realtors. Go to and find a group in your area.

I don't think the size of the Realtor's company makes any difference.  You need to talk with agents and ask them leading questions about investment to see how they respond.  It definitely comes down the individual, not the company.  There is tons of great stuff on BP about working with agents.  Also, if an agent says that the rent will cover your mortgage....move on.  They obviously don't know the expenses involved in operating a property.  

Sure, feel free to contact me. I have access to the West Penn Multi-List and have helped my investors find this information and more. Thanks.....Gary.


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