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Is there anyone in pinellas county Florida who wants to network 

Hi @Emmanuel there are multiple REIA around the area, there is also a BP meet up happening over in Tampa in the next few weeks.

Where in Pinellas do you invest?

@Robert Curls ,

To Make the @ work do the following:

Hold down the shift key and type the following: @?

Look below this Window, and you will see a list of list of names of people who have posted in this thread.

Click on the name of the person that you want notified via an email that you responded to them.

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Hey @Emmanuel Fleming  welcome to the site! It's great to have you. You may want to use the keyword alert to get into local conversations.

Thank @Raymond B. I often browse the site and post from my windows phone, a few weeks ago the @ mentions stopped functioning from the device.  I don't know if BP did an update or maybe my phone was updated.

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