Myrtle Beach Black Bike Fest - Anyone local to Myrtle Beach

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Hi All,

Anyone local to Myrtle Beach and can confirm the atmosphere of the Myrtle Beach area this weekend? We planned a last minute trip with the family, and then found out that this weekend is Black Bike Fest, attracting tens of thousands of bikers to the area to party and who know what else.

We are concerned about detours, delayed traffic, busy beaches and restaurants, and of course safety.

Thanks for your help!

It's a traffic nightmare. I am just north of there and frequent the area often. In fact, I just had family come up from Charleston to Wilmington last week (via hwy 31 through MB) and it was already highly congested w/ early arrivals. It's notorious for traffic issues during the holidays, not to mention the added fuss.

MB is a large area; which specific area was you family staying? There are more residential areas in MB (North Myrtle, etc) that most likely would be fine. IMO, I would avoid the strip area (pavilion area) of MB proper at all costs. It will NOT be family friendly by any means...

I would assume locals here would concur. Hope this helps.

@Fred Dunn

 Thanks for responding. We are staying in the Atlantic Beach area, which I understand is where the Black Bike Fest is concentrated due to the black history of the area.

Don"t Come!

It's a traffic nightmare says it all !!

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