Real Estate Investing Clubs

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@Ronald Neal - There's a Sacramento Meetup that @Al Williamson is a major part of, I attended one, and there were some really experienced investors there, but it's still a drive from Modesto.

Since it looks like you live in Fremont though, you are prefectly situated to hit up three bay are meetups, the San Francisco and Oakland meetups run by J. M.!


There are two REIA's in Sacramento and one in Roseville. These are the closest to Tracy/Modesto that I'm familiar with.

If you Google "national REIA" you will find their main page where you can search for the closest group to you.

There is a Modesto Real Estate Club and a Central Valley Wealth Builders club in Tracy. I am not personally familiar with either of them but found them in a quick search on

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Any in Stockton by any chance?

There are a couple smaller ones on Meetup, but I haven't attended any of their meetings so I can't vouch for them.