Bandit Signs!

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Can someone please guide me in the right direction. I'm new to investing and I've been trying to find a local business or individual in  the las vegas area to make some bandit signs. 

@Dontae Scott

Welcome to the site.

Signs like that are very easy to find online.

FYI the term bandit signs refers to signs that are illegally placed on public or private property. Not a good way to get your business started.

@Dontae Scott

Hi Dontae.  Bandit signs got their name because they are illegal to use in most cities. Check the city ordinance before you place your signs on public property. It may be a good idea to consider alternative marketing methods for your business. A "bandiit sign", although claimed to be effective by many, is not a targeted way to to find your ideal clients. As long as you are spending money to prospect for clients it makes sense to directly target the audience you want to reach. 

Marketing is a science and works well when systematized and tracked for conversion rates. When spending money on a marketing campaign it makes sense to find out how effective the campaign is so you can make decisions based on results and facts. How would you know whether to continue a type of marketing if you have no information about the effectiveness of the campaign?  

It is worth while to spend your money wisely.  Tossing investment dollars to the wind will not help grow your business. 

Welcome @Dontae Scott ,

Before you even begin to think about placing signs, do you have your business model already in place? Just asking..

I personally use the bright yellow poster board and hand write all of my signs.My mentor tested 500 different types of signs and found that the hand written yellow posterboard signs pull the most calls. Yes, check your city ordinance too. In my state, its ok to place signs for marketing RE.

I have found some success on Craigslist for finding sign placers. You may have to weed through some flakes though. 

I am also "working" with local non profits and having them place signs for me. You heard correct.

Opportunities are endless!

Thanks for all of the information guys, I truly appreciate it.

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