Would you hire Abraham Lincoln?

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Greetings BP Fam,

Just wanted to grab your attention but really.......Would you hire me? My resume is below for review. I am looking to make a couple dollars and improve my dti by getting some W2 income, part time, and I know I'm worth at least $15/hr. I would like to get a job in real estate. I have applied for a few jobs as assistant leasing professional and one job as a title closer. That was last week. No calls yet. I am ready to be ripped to shreds by my BP Fam but its all good. I look forward to all of your feedback.


E. Harris

Summary of Qualifications

Excellent customer service skills; prompt, honest, transparent, and credible

Performs effectively despite sudden deadlines and changing priorities

Meticulous worker; attentive to quality and detail

Works cooperatively with a wide range of personalities

Demonstrates ability to adapt to new equipment & technology


University of Baltimore May 2014

B.A. Community Studies and Civic Engagement

GPA: 3.53; Cum Laude

Relevant Coursework

Nonprofit Management

Accounting Principles

Global Business Environment

Economics (Micro and Macro)

Ethical Issues in Business


Work Experience

Harris Homes LLC 2010-Present


Monitor fulfillment of purchase contract terms to ensure that they are handled in a timely manner.

Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold to determine its competitive market price.

Acquire properties through direct mail marketing and local tax sales.

Maintain knowledge of real estate law, local economies, fair housing laws, types of available mortgages, financing options, and government programs.

Review HUD-1 for accuracy before closing.

UA Local 486, Baltimore, MD 2007-2014

HVAC Service Technician

  • Installs, repairs, and performs preventive and corrective maintenance on a variety of residential and commercial HVAC equipment.
  • Complies with all applicable standards and policies, including safety procedures

Volunteer Work

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Greater Chesapeake, Baltimore, MD 2011-present


Takes mentee out to sporting events, lunch, and other outdoor events

Helps mentee with his academics

Plays video games with mentee

Catchy subject line. I have been trying to think of ways to warn extra income myself. I would like to try and save up a deposit for my future properties. $3k-10k I actually have a buisness license for food service but its from California. I have to change it to maryland. I dont want to get my own building/cart right now so im thinking of going to local businesses that would let me sell my product in their shop while giving them a portion of the profit. I tell you all of this because perhaps there is another route you can take to get to where you want to be. Find something else you like to do. I was told once that the average  millionaire has at least 7 different streams of income. Maybe you dont want to be a millionaire but i dont believe that an entrepreneur should limit themselves to just one skill. I also do not believe that you should master one skill and then move on to the next. I say do as much as you can to know the ins and outs and hire others to do the rest(to keep it running). I hope what i said helped.

I'm already starting to think you may be a marketing GENIUS.  That title got me to click to see what was in here!  Man, I wish you the best and hope you find what you're looking for.  You have my vote!

@Shaniqua Dupree Thanks for chiming in. Everything you said helps! It reassured me I was doing the right thing. We all need some reassurance now and again. I will be beginning the classroom hours to get my RE License in July. Another income stream. I'm still persistent and consistent with my wholesale marketing and attending my local REIA every month. A job will perform the function of looking good to traditional banks and will help me get out of debt faster. But I totally agree with you. Building systems and building businesses is the way to go. I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors!

@Dev Horn I am more than honored that you even took the time to respond to my post. I have learned much about marketing from you. I learned about shared mail from one of your posts or videos and will be starting my first shared mail campaign next month. Thanks for chiming in!

I've applied to over ten positions in the last week. Only two responses, both were 'sorry we hired someone else'. I will keep plugging away, and I will not settle for anything that's not on my terms. I will let you guys know how I make out.

Happy investing BP!


E. Harris

Well, you don't specify experience I would want to see for leasing - how many leases, tenants, screenings, etc. 

Ditto for closing - how many closings, what types, etc. 

Those who would be hiring you want to see specific skills because that is what they need of the person filling the job opening. 

Just some general advice. 

Firstly, I agree with @Steve Babiak .  You need to state what you bring to the table.  I can't tell by your description above how much experience you really have. 

Sometimes "owner" can turn off an employer as well. They may wonder if you will ditch them when your business takes off or if your business is failing, is it your work ethic.  Neither maybe true, but perception is what you are fighting against.  Do you have a title at your company other than owner? Don't lie or conseal anything, but reveal your ownership interest during the interview once they see what you bring to the table.

Don't be afraid to take a low paying job if opportunity to grow exists.  It sounds like you have drive and ambition, but lack experience. Don't overlook a low paying job in a real estate or real estate adjacent field with opportunity to move up.  It may be worth more to you in the long wrong than the present paycheck.

Also, you would be surprised how many résumés I get with poor spelling and grammar.   Glad to see yours is well written.

@Anna Buffkin & @Steve Babiak Thanks for your contributions. Exactly what I was looking for. But are you guys telling me there are no entry level leasing or title positions? My transferable skills (quality customer service skills, ability to multitask and adjust to changing environments, team player, ability to work with different personality types) with my real estate experience will not suffice?

that is not at all what I am saying. I don't know what the job market looks like in your area, but just don't overlook working your way up from an admin or labor position with a real estate related company.  

For example, my current employer hired me as an office administrator making less than I wanted.  This was when jobs were hard to come by, but it was a newer growing company with an accountant ready to retire- note: I have an accounting degree. I was promoted about a year later to a coordinator position and when said accountant retired, I was given the accounting position.  All this occurred over the course of 2 years.

At this same company I have worked with 3 admin assistants. One lacked the knowledge and drive.  One was flat lazy.  The first 2 no longer work there.  The 3rd lacked experience but had the drive.  He was promoted to supervisor in another department which i think better suits his skill set within 6 months.

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