What does a quality REIA look like?

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I have heard many mentions about checking out a local REI group. I took action and attended one tonight along with a friend I met here on BP. It was a great experience, I met a handful of new people and heard some of their stories which we all could learn from.

I also hear Josh and Brandon always talk about staying away from gurus who charge a ton of money for their services. I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this meeting. If it would be straight networking, someone speaking or someone possibly arranging the meetup to sell their service. Well, it was a little bit of each I believe. I did get to network and meet a bunch of people who have made more progress than me in the industry which was awesome! There also was a guy who was the main speaker talking about different strategies he used and he had mentioned he does coaching a couple times. No hard sell or anything like that but it was clear to me he did offer pay for services. He also talked about building a network of people who work together which I really liked and will happen regardless of the paid for services. He did rag on the big gurus who charge so much and don't really help you get anywhere. He said his coaching is different in the aspect where people come in with basic knowledge and he will help find a deal and walk you through the whole process.

My two questions are, is there a time where it might be appropriate to pay a coach for something like that? 2nd, what does a successful REI meeting look like to you?

Thanks for the feed back!

for starters you are near REAPS and they are a very good group. 

Secondly, as a REIA leader it is my opinion that the main focus of any REIA club should be to make money for its members. This is where some of the poor REIA clubs miss the mark, they look to enrich themselves and they develope a predatory feel to the club.

My goal is to find ways to make you money if you walk through my doors.  I dont want this to be a commercial for my club, but as a general philosophy, that is our core mission.  If you arent making money then we need to help you in some way.  In my opinion the strongest way to get you to make money is to educate you in the ways of successful real estate investors.  Any strong club will have a number of successful investors who will openly talk about how they do what they do.  These people come to help the next generation get started. 

To make money for the members, the club needs to provide a mixture of education, networking, and discounts that should far exceed the price to become a member.

Thats just my opinion of how this whole thing should work 


I was also at this REI meeting and I agree, it was a great experience. I think what makes a good REI meeting is having other investors there and being able to meet and share stories and exchange info. I liked that the speaker wasn't pushing sales, but it is nice to know that I have that option. I've been to another REI meeting in Coeur d'Alene twice and enjoy that one too. The one in Coeur d'Alene is different because the moderator tries to bring one or two new local speakers/investors to share with the group. I plan on continuing my attendance with both groups. @Casey Stuebs , the one in CDA is on the first Thursday every month.  If you would like to come, I'll get you the info.

@Josh Caldwell

 Thanks for your input! 

@Andrew West I'm glad you came, it was good to meet and chat with you. Definitely let me know about that other meeting, I would love to check it out!

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