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I have developed a passion for thoroughly understanding investing and real estate. I'm prepared to make my first investment from a credit/financial standpoint, but I want to ensure it's a sound decision. I feel I need guidance from someone local to get a better understanding of the market in my area. If anyone in the Atlanta area is interested in developing a mentor/networking relationship, feel free to reach out.


Thanks for your response, Rafael!  I certainly  am open and available to give any time/skills/knowledge/connections I have in return.  I thought I implied it in my post, but I should have been more clear. Appreciate the feedback 

Investor clubs or groups are the best place to find someone that you want to work with. You can ask others in the group about the person who you want to work with. That way you make sure that person is really who they claim to be. Also ask if you can see some of their projects that are in process.

The best way to find a mentor who will really be interested in helping is to have a deal or two that you are researching and have ready to go under contract. Let the person know that you will split the deal with them or wholesale it to them. In turn you will be there to ask a million questions so that you can do the next one on your own. Half of a good deal is way better than all of a deal that can go so bad.