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Hi all!

Did some searching but couldn't find a thread related to this (but may have missed it - lots of looking for CPA threads!)

I'm a transplant from Canada, moved here (Bay Area, CA) about a year ago, and taking up permanent residence in the US.

I have an investment property and other things (i.e retirement accounts and so on) back in Canada, looking for a CPA here that can help me with the straight forward stuff (filing taxes every year and so on) as well as advisory from time to time (whether it's dealing with cross border strategies to minimize the tax bites, or the same with US investment properties).

I have an accountant in Canada as well so this person doesn't necessarily have to be say, a CGA/CA or whatever in Canada as well (but super bonus points if they are and can do both my US / Canadian returns!) but a solid understanding of the intricacies of dealing with cross border is a must for me.

Would love to get a referral (or two or three!) to some trusted names. Local is nice but I'm quite comfortable dealing with someone "remotely" via telephone/email and so on, especially if they're very good at what they do :) (besides, I may not even stay in this city so whomever I get even if they were here could become remote anyway!)

Thanks in advance!

Dube and Cuttini

..look them up they just joined forced with BDO Canada

Great company I use for filing in both countries

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