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Good evening all,

I am trying to generate business through an online site that posters and submit a request and it sends info to everyone who as linked the keyword to their account. And it gives you an opportunity to send back a quote and I usually send this message back to them.

I am hoping to improve my first impression message and was wondering what I should alter or if this message would not get your business, what would. Keep in mind that these people are at the point where they want to hire a Property Manager.

Good afternoon,

My name is Mark Ferguson and I run a property management division of RTT Realty. I am currently experienced with running Single family homes all the way up to a 100 unit complex in downtown Jacksonville, in the 32206 area code.

I have dealt with all situations and like to keep the owner informed without weighing down with day to day decisions. I treat each property like my own and have experience with tough to run/manage properties and have succeed in bringing life back to even the toughest projects.

I usually charge a 25% placement fee with a 10% monthly upkeep fee. The main difference in our property management company is that we focus on saving money on repairs for the owner/investor rather than trying to make money off of high charges like the rest of the companies. Our mission is to provide excellent affordable service so that you want to get more properties and reinvest with us and refer us business.

My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx

Great job composing such a professional letter Mark. Here is my specific input:

Paragraph 1 - remove zip "32206" because it may turn off customers who identify that zip as non-appealing

Paragraph 2 - "day-to-day" ;  "succeeded"

Paragraph 3 - I'd use bullets to distinguish the benefits of choosing your company

Good luck and update us on the success!

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