Calgary, Alberta Real Estate Meet Up

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Some members were discussing a possible meet up in Calgary between October 21st and 28th -- the days I happen to be back up in Calgary from (sunny) California.  :)

This would be an informal, general interest, meet up to network, brainstorm and learn from each other.  Everyone is welcome -- from newbies to seasoned investors.

I'd be happy to chat a little bit about various U.S. markets, and opportunities available south of the border.

If you like the idea, then we need to pick a date, time and location.  I suggest either Saturday, October 24 -or- Sunday, October 25.


MODERATOR: Its OK to assess interest in this forum, but any actual meeting notices must be posted only in the Real Estate Events and Happenings forum.

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Yes this sounds like a great idea.  A US focus would be nice. Some of us are already meeting and chatting about other areas of RE Investing so this would nice to have some of the people who are currently investing in those markets to come and chat with everyone. Love the possibilities this website is able to provide to its users in terms of meeting and sharing ideas/ concepts. Count me in. 


This sounds great, I just started investing in the US (and a few challenges have already popped up), so would love to meet and hear from you @Marco Santarelli and @Cal Ewing and others who are already active in that market. Unfortunately 24/25th are booked for me, unless I start now working on how to get myself out of it. 23rd works better for me, then the week's craziness is done and I take my mind off that. But whatever date the majority settles on, I'll go with it and see how I can make it.



@Marco Santarelli I may be able to miss a part of the Conference that weekend and come up.

Sunday works best for us, so long as it is after 2pm.

Saturday could also work if it was in the morning or evening, but not the afternoon.

As for location... preferably something in the South end but I do not know Calgary well enough to name anything besides Tim Horton's.

There are lots of options to meet, I think it all comes down to how many people are planning on showing up. if we have 20 people coming then we may want to find a better place than Timmys or Starbucks but that's just my impressions. Saturday evening works best for me. Any time after 6.