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I am wondering how people have gone about finding real estate investment groups in their areas.  I have looked for groups and found two groups, but the cost was really high to attend, so I am just wondering what should I expect as far as fees and cost to network.  The same people are over both groups that I looked into. It seems like the leaders have classes that are really expensive and maybe this is normal. Please advise, share experiences and normal expectations.



There are quite few in the Houston and surrounding areas. The oldest REIA is $297/year and offers free and pay classes (depends on if vendor is from outside the REIA but usually offered at a highly discounted price) and special interest forums. The range of other clubs are from free to $360/year and they do offer free classes and pay classes at nominal charge. Then there are a few that specialize and charge $500 to $15000 depending on what you want out of the club; ie: mentoring, access to special deals, etc.

You might want to see if they have a free first time meetup to preview their operation.  Then you can ask other members what they think.   Most all of our clubs here will grant a free one-time entry so that you can preview.  If they are on the up and up then this should not be a problem for them.

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There are many rei groups and events around town that are free or cost next to nothing. Many of them you may be pushed to purchase something or buy a membership but for the most part they are free to attend or the cost is very minimal.

Check these out:

1. RICH Club main event- this saturday (The company I work for has a membership so its free for us but I believe it costs 30 bucks for non members to get in.) 

2. Jet lending event @ Texans grille- third wednesday of every month- free and they feed you. a couple hundred people usually show up.

3. Wealth club- These folks have events all the time-

4. Real Estate Titans- The events are smaller but they are local meaning they have separate events for different sides of Houston.

There are other good ones. usually will feature the bulk of the major rei events. Just make sure to edit your search criteria to within 25 miles of houston then type in "real estate" in your search box. is one of the greatest resources to find like minded individuals, and then there is also the Local Pages here on BP that are going to help you locate, and find local Investors getting things done! 

(Network Link -> Local Happenings)

or Network Link -> and input your Zip Code