Any Interest in a Doylestown, PA RE Investor Club?

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Calling all Real Estate Investors in the Doylestown, PA greater Philadelphia area. Is there any interest in starting a local REI Club? A couple weeks ago, I asked my realtor if she knew about any REI clubs in the area. I was surprised to learn she hadn't gotten that question from her other clients. I'm a relatively new investor in PA. It would be great to meet and network with other investors in the region. Please respond to this post if you're interested in this type of thing. In terms of logistics, I'm thinking we could meet at a central spot in/around Doylestown every month or two. If people have specific interests, I can try to arrange local experts to come and meet with the group. Again, let me know if there's interest and we'll go from there. Ping me back!!!!

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Actually there is a REIA club in Warrington, Pa and Dublin Pa as well as a Montgomery County club via Whenever there are new REIA clubs in the Philadelphia and surrounding areas I get an email notification from the website. However, if you so choose to, you can be the founder of a Doylestown REIA club. You could do a BP version, maybe that's what you were talking about at first. :-) Its a bit out of my zone of meetup attending. That and I'm usually still at work during the time of the meetings. Happy Holidays and prosperous new year.



Hi Richard, 

I'm in Doylestown and would be interested in a local REI group. I'm a part-time (still have a day job) landlord with a few buy and holds here in Doylestown.

Will look for any postings on your progress.



 Diversified Real Estate Investor Group or DIG for short is a very active RE club.Their monthly meeting is in the third week of the month in Horsham PA. They have hundreds of investors at the main meeting and at least 10 or so subgroups you can attend. The membership is 125/year (the first meeting you attend is free).  This is well worth the ton of information and networking you receive. Check them out at or got to

I am in agreement with 

@Joe Mulcahy - look up DIG where there are already hundreds of members, and even meeting very close to Doylestown (at least for the time being).  But the monthly general meeting day is not when he stated - it is on the last Thursday of the month (except for November and December which are combined into a single meeting on a Thursday early in December). And DIG has subgroups as well, where meetings are held throughout the area and are either focused on a specific topic or organized geographically for a more localized flavor  

There might be other "meet ups" nearby, but I suspect that you will not find those to have same depth and breadth of knowledge and experience as what you will find at DIG; I could be wrong about that of course ...  And some other "meet ups" are more about promoting the individuals in charge rather than serving the best interests of the attendees, so beware.

A little north in the Lehigh Valley there is an REI meetup on the first Tuesday of every month. If anyone is interested I can supply more details. It's normally a good group of about 40-50 investors with a speaker every month and it's free to attend.

Hi everyone, apologies for the lack of follow-up.  The holidays got the best of me :) ... thanks for the great feedback!  I'm definitely going to engage in a few of those options.  I think I'm also going to organize a meet-up in Doylestown, even if it's relatively small.  I'd really like to network with some local investors!  Maybe hook-up at the Starbucks in Doylestown center.  Stay tuned!