Des Moines, Iowa Meetup 3/17/2016 @ 5:30

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We have a Des Moines, Iowa meet-up tonight at 5:30 in the meeting room at the Ingersoll Ave Caribou Coffee (3220 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312).  Open discussion type forum.  Come to listen or to participate.  Hope to see you there.

Hey Gary, 

I'm catching word that a Des Moines meet-up happens monthly every third Wednesday. Is that correct? Are they always at 5:30pm at Caribou? About how late do they run?

Hope to catch the next one. 

- Kyle


Meet up happens third Thursday of the month @5:30.  We have been meeting at Caribou on Ingersoll.  Had a good meeting last night.  Two new people showed.  A little smaller group this month we had about 9.  Hope you can make it next month.