East Texas investors!

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Hi, Im Marco and Im a 19 year old investor. I am currently building my first spec home and would like to network with local investors! I lived in San Antonio for about a year and attended the SAREIA meetings there but I noticed there are no REIA in the east Texas area.

Just do a google search. I just did and saw a meetup in Longview. You are not looking very hard. If they are not meeting anymore or you dont like the group, start your own. Contact the founder of the meetup or put something on facebook, twitter, google+, craigslist, whatever. There are meetups just about everywhere within a 30minute drive.

Or try Tyler or Shreveport.

@Marco Gonzales hensley  Sign up for Meetup.com and look up Realestate Investment groups.  There is one in Lindale and one in Longview.  Lindale has a good group led by Roger Paschal,  teaching events.  The Longview group is led by Doug Toon and it is getting started still a fellowship round table style 

Hey Marco! I am also in the East Texas area (Lufkin) if you ever want to start a meet up around Lufkin or Nacogdoches I'd love to get involved. I am also young and in the middle of purchasing my first investment.

Good luck with your first investment! I currently live in Marshall and lufkin is about 80 miles from my city. I am interested in getting a meet up going though but more in the tyler Longview area! I appreciate your response, I don't know  To much about real estate investing but I have learned a Thing or two building my first spec home. If you need anything let me know! Good luck.

@Ethan castleberry I'm in Livingston.  if you setup a meeting I would be interested in attending. We have 4 units now. Starting with a duplex that I inherited.  we sat on it and 1 rent house for about 6 years. this year we have decided to ramp up the business. we added a unit this year, and we're working on financing for 2 houses to be moved to our property be 4 end of year. 

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@Ethan Castleberry or is it @EthanCastleberry ?

@Corey Grant Livingston is not too far! I would like to get a few more local(ish) investors and get a meeting going. I am not too experienced and am always looking for a chance to network. I am currently putting offers in for my first duplex and hope to have it by the beginning of the year. Maybe I'll have a chance to go visit Livingston one day and we can meet up. 

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