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Hello everyone, I'm a new investors in the dayton area and im looking for a good real state agent that's either an investor themselves or is familiar with what investors are looking for (specifically buy and hold rental properties, preferably multifamily). If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

@Christian Tallet you have posed a great question to the forums.  I have no doubt that you will connect with someone who works in your area.  Additionally I'd suggest clicking the "Community" tab and scrolling down to "Networking Events" and find something in your area where you can network to see what others are doing.  Your on the right track!

Hello @Christian Tallet I am a real estate agent in the Dayton area. Although I am a new agent I have been analyzing investment property in the area for a couple years now, as I myself would like to own investment property. Contact me if you would like to meet sometime and talk about the market.  I have some very good books I can recommend  for new investors that you may enjoy. Also keep listening to the Biggerpockets podcasts they are great. Are you planning on looking for a property that needs work or something finished with possibly smaller returns but immediate cash-flow?

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