Cash Investors in the SoCal Area; Santa Barbara

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Hey BP crew! I will make this short and sweet; I am currently located in Santa Barbara, CA pursuing my REI career. I plan to start building up a nice cash buyers list so I was thinking about things to say to set me apart from other typical people pursuing wholesale.... Let me know what you guys think about something along the line of this.

Greetings (X investor),

I am capable of discovering and providing substantially steep discounts on properties reigning between Lompoc to Ventura; but not limited to. I am not a typical wholesaler by any means. I am persistent with my strategies in finding the best deals on properties for investors. If you are a cash investor in the area I am farming, then I believe I may be able to assist you in finding great property deals to accommodate your RE agenda. My capabilities are unlimited due to my high level of determination to pick out the best deals in the market to provide for my clients. My seller's lists are established to produce high ROI's which my clients admire. My criteria is your criteria; let me know what you need and I will provide. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Blake Dalessio

.... Anything I should change? Is it too elementary? Could really use some feedback guys. Thanks

@Blake Dalessio

In my humble opinion, your introduction is not going to do much to set you apart. Talk is cheap and there are many people out there who can make themselves sound great on paper but then never deliver. If you really want to set yourself apart, find yourself a good deal and then get it under contract. Once you have a good deal to wholesale, that will set you apart from others who just send out properties that are listed on the MLS that they don't even have under contract. Then you will really get the attention of buyers out there.

@Cornelius Charles Thank you for the response Cornelius; I understand your perspective on the matter. I do plan to find good deals on properties but I guess I am just getting ahead of myself. I want to find a solid group of cash buyers and investors BEFORE I put any properties under contract so that I can close quickly. However, I am having trouble building my cash investors list without any deals under my belt yet. Maybe I should just focus on getting properties under contract first so that investors see the proof in the pudding. I just do not want to promise a seller that I can close in under 30 days without following through. I need to focus on direct mail to potential sellers and not potential investors probably. I feel as if the investors will flock to me once I provide a solid deal. Who knows, I am still a novice so this is inconclusive.

I don't think you'll have any trouble finding a buyer if you have a true deal. Once you have it under contract, you can present it in forums like this and at your local REIA clubs. There are plenty of investors looking for deals in today's market, so that shouldn't be a problem.

One reason you might be having trouble with your buyers list is that real buyers are probably getting inundated with emails and calls from "wholesalers" who say they will find great deals. Investors in our area always talk about how they receive many emails from wholesalers who they either never hear from again or just send properties that are listed on the MLS. that is why I think finding a good deal will draw their attention more than any email/letter, no matter how well it's worded.

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