Wholesaler in Michigan (Wayne Oakland Macomb county)

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Hello all,

As a wholesaler in Michigan i am always interested on where our BP investors are buying properties.

If you are an investor/ Rehabber what Cities are you looking into buying your next deal?

What type of property? (SFR, Duplex...)

Number of beds/Baths 

How are you paying (Cash, HML, etc..)

what is your exit strategy? (Fix and flip, buy and hold, etc..)

Happy investing

Hi Fady, I am a newish investor in the Ypsilanti area. I've got 2 single family rentals and am working toward my second flip. When funds allow, I will look to buy a duplex or triplex within a 30 minute drive and build my portfolio like that (a few flips then a hold, etc). I mostly use cash and private money loans at the moment. 

What areas are you working in? What kinds of deals are you finding?



I'm a new investor, from the Ypsilanti area as well. I'm still looking for my first property, my plan right now is to use the equity in my personal residence as a down payment and purchase using a traditional mortgage, (I'm just waiting on the pre approval letter). I'm looking for a SFR as a buy and hold investment, either a 3/1 (because that's what the majority of the houses are around me), but preferably a 3/2. I really like the idea of Brandon's BRRRR method and am planning on making offers on MLS properties once I get my letter. As of right now I am looking in a few specific neighborhoods here in the Northeast corner of Ypsi Township. I would be interested in learning more about the types of deals you are finding, I would not be apposed to purchasing a house in need of repairs in order to get in under market value and have instant equity in the house.

Thanks for reaching out and good luck to you.

Kind regards,


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