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we need to hire a contractor for Hebron ,in  have never done this before my husband did all the work.  He is getting worn out.  How much to you pay down and what do you do if the work is bad.  Know any good gc around the area  need rehab buget

I don't know any contractors in your area. I know some contractors will ask for 50% down. I recently got screwed over on a flooring project with a contractor so I can pass along some lessons learned. 

1. Always get everything in writing in DETAIL (no matter who you are dealing family, friends,referral strangers, ect.)

2. Tell them to give you a detailed time line of all the work to be done. (I feel like you should know what they plan on doing each day of the project and how long approximately each task should take)

3. Make sure materials that they supply or get are actually equal or lesser value of what you can get at the store. 

4. If they ask for money upfront (50% down) and the other 50% when completed make sure that is the deal that they won't request any other money before completion is in writing. Do your best to be in a better position than them just incase you need to fire them.

5. Make sure that you are satisfied their work and if you are not they will fix it (in writing).

6. Get them to clean up their mess and trash.

I hope this helps!


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