HML in the DMV Area (DC, Maryland, and Virginia)- VERY RELIABLE!!

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Good evening BP family!!    Although I am new to this platform from only a few months past and have not been on as much as I would've liked to, I definitely still log on when I feel it is important to share a great resource that I have been fortunate to have experienced myself.  So to all you other REIs out there, if you don't know @Andrew Michael of Washington Capital Partners, do yourself a favor and connect with him asap!!!  

Since I have connected with Andrew and his team at WCP, I have found them to be very reliable and responsive in the my dealings with them. Whether it was the support I requested during the initial financial numbers being ran for a potential property, an analysis of my CMA's and ARVs that I was presenting, or just to brainstorm with another fellow REI member, @Andrew Michael has been ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL and has not only earned my business, but I'm sure will all of your's as well.    

Much like all of you, while I do perform my due diligence on the front end, I just don't have luxury of time to be vetting out 20+ HML's and other lending sources, which require me to take time away from the profitable/time-consuming facets to our business. Precisely why it is partners such as Andrew and WCP that I rely on to support my business, in order to be successful and continue to scale responsibly.

Having been a rep in the sales and marketing world for the last 9 to 10 years of my career, I understand how important it is to have a great resource which supports your business's goals. Whether it is a bank, a private lender, an HML, a link in your supply chain process, a parts provider, etc......whomever they are or whatever capacity they support your company in, THAT PARTNER understanding and appreciating your goals is necessary and should not be taken lightly.

Here's to  another property under my belt and a successful close/settlement last week @Andrew Michael.   Everybody have a great evening and a wonderful start to your week!!!


@Alex Grey  

I really appreciate this post!  Thank you very much for your kind words.  We really do care about the people we partner with and you have been a pleasure to work with.  Make no mistake, your due diligence and organization were key factors in the process.  Your closing was exceptionally smooth and we look forward to many more with you and your team.  

I am really excited for your current project and am confident the outcome will be very profitable for you.  As always, I will talk to you soon and look forward to seeing you next week.  Congrats on your current project and thank you again for this post.  It is very much appreciated and extremely validating for me as I make a real effort to go the extra mile for our borrowers.    

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