Investors in Sonoma County

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Hi Chelsie

I'm in  Cotati and there are 2 meet up groups that I attend in this area.  You are welcome to come to the monthly meetings if you want to meet investors.

See the meetup page and search for Sonoma County Real Estate Investors.  That group has about 50 people that meet monthly at Palms Restaurant in Petaluma

There is another group - Santa Rosa Women Real Estate Investors  - we meet monthly at Round Table on Marlow in Santa Rosa

There is a third group that I don't go to as often, but it is extremely educational and worth the drive to Corte Madera - Its called BAWB

Check them out and you might enjoy going to one or all meetings


@Toli Mechner

Hi Toli

I saw your message on the post.

There are 2 real estate investment groups on the meetup app in Sonoma county.

They meet in the 1st and 2nd Tuesdays.

Sonoma County Real Estate Investors.

And 1 is in Marin on the 3rd Thursday.

It’s called BAWB

There’s a meeting almost every week of the month!

If you don’t find them, let me know.

Also, I run a meeting with about 5-8 women monthly. I don’t advertise on the meetup app anymore, but we have a Facebook group. If you want to join, let me know.