RE Attorney Needed- Re-Zoning in Springfield Township (MontCo) PA

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Looking for an experienced Real Estate Attorney to assist with a rezoning/variance in Springfield Township (Montgomery County), PA. The property is located in Erdenheim/Glenside and is currently mixed use (2 residential units and 1 XL office suite); we're trying to re-zone it to exclusively residential (5 units). It has a by-right use of either mixed use (existing) or up to 2 residential units (we're just shy of the lot requirement for 3 residential units). 

The township seems to be "on board" with adding that 3rd residential unit, but the project needs a significant amount of capital (exterior work) to get the building up to acceptable standards. We estimate at 3 units the value just isn't there to warrant all that work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Are you still looking for help? I am based out of California but have access to lawyer networks. I can contact some lawyers if you are still looking.

Hi @Kyle Lorenz , I recommend using Yelp to find lawyers. There is no better insight into a lawyer than what people say who have had contact and been clients of her/him.

Good luck!


@Kyle Lorenz , in addition to Jenifer's post, always check the attorney on the state bar website. Mainly, you should be looking for disciplinary violations. 

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