Property Management companies in Bay Area California

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Hi all!

I'm looking for recommendations for good property management companies in Northern California (specifically in the east bay/oakland area). I need a company who can manage a condo rental. Looking for one that can find and screen tenants and actively manage questions, issues, maintenance etc.



You may pm me I have abloacl contact for you

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Hi @Laquel W. ,

If you'd like a consultation to figure out how best to handle your property management need, I'm here in the east bay and active in the Oakland area. I'll send you a PM. Thanks.


Take a look at NARPM, this is the National Assocation of Residential Property Managers. There are a lot of seasoned PM’s in California

I use Premium Properties based out of Walnut Creek.  Private message for direct phone.  You can google search them too. 

Thanks for the recommendations everyone!

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