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Hi Everyone,

My girlfriend & I are joining the Real Estate Market in the Middletown, NJ area. We've found a great property and would like to put an offer on it for $126k. We'd put 70k in renovations and hope to sell for around $275k. I have experience as a carpenter and in masonry and am currently an engineer. I'll be getting my General Contracting license in the next few weeks and my girlfriend comes from a family of General Contractors. This would be our first fix & flip so we'd love to meet with people in our market (or anywhere else) for advice on our first flip!

Looking forward to hearing from the Bigger Pockets family!


Ricky & Annie

Hi Ricky! I'm from the Middletown area as well. Which part of Middletown are you looking to do this flip?

If you're looking to network with other Monmouth County investors, I help run a local real estate investors meet up out of Belmar. We have a meeting next Wednesday at Beach Haus Brewing.

Hi Daniel! 

Thanks for reaching out, we are currently looking into a few locations being Union Beach, Leonardo and Port Monmouth. We appreciate you reaching out for your meet up event and would be glad to join next Wednesday. Please let us know if you have any other events as wells or referrals for events since we are eager to get into the real estate investor world. 

Awesome; great areas for flips and rentals - just be careful and mindful of the flooding. Those areas were hit pretty hard during Sandy, and homes have to be elevated pretty high. 

Hey @Odie Ayaga

we've actually made 5 house offers. We got out bidder on one for them and are currently waiting to hear back on one of the remaining 4 houses. The process is a little longer than I thought.

Best of luck with your remaining offers! 

hi ricky

Im moshe and an investor in west long branch nj. welcome to the path to financial success! i wish you good luck on your deal.

Daniel - when is the next meetup? thanks

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