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Hey everybody! Im from the Hampton Roads area, I currently stay in Norfolk and I am in the U.S Navy trying to start my career in real estate investing! My goal is to own my first wholesale property by February and sell it within weeks but im having trouble looking for places In the Norfolk! After my first few sales, I want to start renting and eventually flipping homes but I need connections! I'd love to attend meetups, group discussions, everything that'll help me get to where I want to be! I'd like to meet all the investors and wholesalers and flippers in Virginia that I possibly can! Does anybody have any suggestions? I look forward to speaking and hopefully meeting everyone.

Thank you for your service!!! You can start by searching for members on BP who are in your area and connect with them. They can also connect you with other local investors. I love the idea of finding a mentor as well, you can learn from their mistakes and successes and gain very valuable information. Good Luck!!!

Hi Salim thanks very much for what you have done for our country. There is a lot of info biggerpockets regarding wholesaling just type that in the search bar.. also you can check to see if there's any active group meetup in your area at biggerpockets.com/meet. Hope this was helpful 

@Salim Riviere if you haven't yet, get in touch with the Tidewater Real Estate Investors Group. They packed the conference room at their recent October meeting. Lots of contacts to be made there.

I sleep well at night because my Navy is always awake. Keep doing what you do!  

Hey Salim!

I just got out in August. I'm looking to get started next fall in that area which I know is a ways away but if you need any type of handyman or recommendations on local services (accountant, legal, agent, contractor) I can help get you options. I grew up and served there so I know the area pretty well.

@Christian Drake Thanks! Yeah anything would help! Especially a contractor or handyman. Lets meetup when I get back.

I second the TRIG meeting.  Always good information at the meetings!

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