Wholesaler in the northern Virginia area

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Is there any active wholesaler in the northern Virginia area?

I can surely help, what are you looking for?

looking for cashflow properties here for buy and hold.

@Victor Howard I have a deal in springfield VA in the mid 200s with 1800/mo rent comps. Move in ready now. Currently working through some title issues. PM me if interested.

@Rajendra Kemraj   There are a ton of wholesalers here in the DMV area.  

I'm also looking to connect with a northern virginia wholesaler! Thanks!

@John Ma   I have been trying to get in contact with wholesalers in the area but looks like nobody responds, I am looking for a Rehab  do you know someone that can help 

I have a contact, if you would like to PM me. Also considering relocating to the area. We have a property in North Arlington. We are licensed home inspectors (Not Va. Yet, but filing after the 1st of the year. Contractors, and Deconstruction Business. I would appreciate expanding my network, prior to the move.
We have 2 Family agents/brokers in the area. If you'd like to connect with them, let me know.

any wholesale properties for sale with 30 minutes of Richlands, VA?

Thanks in advance.


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