Kansas City investor looking for contractors

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Hello BP,

I am a newer investor although I have some exposure to the business and I am partnering with someone who has years of experience but has been out of the game since the crash. We are currently looking to expand our network, especially with reputable contractors in the area. If you guys could help us out in this we would be very appreciative. Our basic strategy is to BRRRR properties in downtown KC and surrounding areas. Initially we may start out slower doing one or two a month at most, but ultimately want to be in a position where we’re taking on multiple deals on at once. To do this we need a network of reliable contractors that can keep up with the demand we create for them. Any help provided would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance and I wish the best for everyone.



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Again, we should have a lot of contractors at MAREI for you to connect with tomorrow night, as always you should vet those contractors.  We will also have 10 vendors showcased for you to use to help rebuild your team.

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