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@Kiara Crespo Their are no active seminars in Queens that I am aware of. Their are some monthly ones in manhattan but they are more trying to sell you products not worth going to unless you leave your credit card at home. Their are some meetups in Queens but then those are mostly new Investors where what you need is someone who is experienced and you can learn from their mistakes and what path they took to get to where you would like to be.

If you do not know anyone personally who you can learn from their are some great books and podcasts that in my opinion are required reading for anyone interested in buy & hold investing. If you are looking to learn about being an agent or flipping then I am the wrong person to give you advice in that direction as that is not what I do.


Millionaire Real Estate Investor: Gary Keller

Hold: Gary Keller

Rich DadPoor Dad


Get Rich Education by Keith Weinhold

Investing In Real Estate With Clayton Morris ( Great Podcast I do not endorse what he sells )

Creating Wealth with Jason Hartman

Bigger Pockects Podcast

Start from podcast # 1 on the first two and work your way to the most recent you can listen to 2-3 hours a day


Thank you so much for taking the time out to respond to me. I’ve been listening to the podcast, great info! I’ve read a lot of books as well. I do need an experienced person. I’m also willing to travel. My jobs let’s me do it for free. 🙂 thanks for the advice Eddie! 

@Kiara Crespo

What type of investing are you looking to do?  We host a meetup once a month in Queens and should be doing one within the next 2 weeks. I just need to nail down the date and I can let you know.  

@Eddie T.

I can also let you know once we have the next meetup.