Finding and hiring reliable contractors

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Hey BP community! My name is Brendan and I live and invest in Baltimore, MD. My business partner and I are looking to start our first rehab project come January, 2018, and we're currently searching for the right contractor(s) to help our business flourish this coming year and beyond. Having met with and interviewed several contractors, I find it difficult to distinguish those who I can and cannot trust and who will really live up to their promises. So, BP, I am curious:

Where do you look to find the best contractors?

How do you evaluate contactors and make sure you know what you're getting yourself into?

What NOT to say when interviewing and negotiating with contractors?

How does the bidding process work?

( And of course, any referrals would be great :)! ) - Thanks! Brendan.

I'd recommend HomeAdvisor.

You can see their reviews on there. 

Then I'd call 3 referrals for the most recent projects and ask those people how the projects went.

Then I would ask for photos of the last 3 projects and get some more details on the type of work that was completed. 

Start a relationship at your local builders supply (aside from lowes/home depot). They usually have a project center. Find the manager. My local builders supply has cards for contractors they've worked with for years and passes out cards for the guys he sees in the store for 3/4 times a week. 

Here it is....straight with no chaser:

1. Anywhere and everywhere

2. You learn everything that contractors know, everything (painful, i know...but true) 

3. Anything you dont need to say. Say as little as possible, dont tell them what you will pay, let them tell you what they want. 

4. Low bid wins all other things being equal????