Looking for a FHA-loan (New American Funding legit company?)

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Has anyone ever used "New American Funding"? If so what was your experience?


Originally posted by @Elvis Vasquez :

Has anyone ever used "New American Funding"? If so what was your experience?


 I've worked at New American Funding since Feb 2012 they treat their employee's right and borrowers right as far as I've seen. The company is headquartered in Tustin in Orange County CA.

Your experience will depend on your loan officer as each LO operates independently almost like their own business. Our support staff may be shared between different LO's across the country but each LO operates their own shop within the "company," so to speak unless you're talking to the ILA (inside loan agent) division which are call center loan officers (LO's). The pricing is better in ILA by about .125-.250% but you most likely will not have the expertise of an OLA (outside loan agent). A OLA works on referrals only in most cases so as a general statement you will find more experience and customer service oriented people because if they dont perform they will most certaintly not get any more referrals and will be out of the business. Its survival of the fittest in OLA division so you know will get a veteran in the business especially if they've survived the GFC of 2008 or longer. You can check any LO's license on NMLS consumer look up to see their employment history to make sure your LO was not a bartender in the day and LO by night if you know what I mean.

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