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Hello , Im looking to move to Dallas late next year. But till then i plan on doing my research and possibly buy a rental-property in Dallas area Before I fully move there. Ive been looking at east Dallas primarily Mesquite, considering i have friends there. But im open to new areas.

Can anyone help me on which locations as to B+ plus neighborhoods. Any counties or areas that are "booming" in Dallas. Are there any areas that I should stay away from. Any information will be appreciated.


Mesquite is a good area for rentals. Booming areas are anything Dallas and north, avoid south Dallas, south Arlington, Oak Cliff, etc.

How many units?

Hi Mark

I don't know if you have thought about the westside of the DFW area, but North Fort Worth area has some great rental properties.   I had one Virginia buy three rentals here in North Fort Worth last year.   In fact, there a lot of areas of Tarrant county to consider when it comes to rentals.  I would avoid East Fort Worth and areas around Las Vegas trail in west Fort Worth.  There are also some pockets along I35 in North Fort Worth that might not reach the B+ status.   

Here is a breakdown of MLS properties under $175K in Tarrant County. If you have any questions about certain areas, just ask. Good luck!

@Ronald Rohde awsome thanks for the input! I'm looking for at least 2 units by the end of the year. one for me in my family to possibly house hack. and Another property for cash flow.
@Adam Wright wow man, very much appreciated. I've looked at Fort Worth as well, it's definitely a possibility. I'll research some of the areas you mentioned, thanks for the help man

In Dallas our strategy are to buy and hold sfh zoned lots for the upcoming city plans and resulting migration of the people. Speculation? Maybe to the uninformed.

We Can’t find under sub $25k all-in rentals so We avoid that niche locally.

Can you detail your scope for rentals?

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