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Hi i am thinking about expanding my building in Jersey City -  either build up or into to lot.  Has anyone done this?  How do i start?  Do i contact the city or do i go to an architect right away?  Technically looks like my zoning allows for larger building,  but not sure where t start. 

It depends how much time you have. Planning code is sometimes dense and confusing but the city planners are usually helpful in answering questions. But they will only answer zoning limits on what you can do. There are structural and fire protection requirements that you will probably need an architect or structural engineer to answer. I think they are worth the small amount they will charge for a feasibility study

I agree with what Sean said, but I'd recommend contacting a local architect.  They would be able to guide you in the right direction.

@Olga Shkolnikova

Like others have said.  Start with an Architect like other have said.  If you really want to build up and over the existing building you will need structural input.  Without seeing the building it would guess its easier and cheaper to be expand the building "on to" the site.  I would be in an hours time you can get a lot of the answers you are looking for or able to define your direction best for you with.  Cost... $100 range to chat with an architect for an hour or so I would guess.   Planning dept and or Building dept would be able to let you if you there was room on the site to expand.  Some areas only let you develop a certain percentage of the lot with a building.

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