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Hi, I'm new on BP, I wanted to connect with people in the Jacksonville, FL market that are currently investing here or are looking to invest here. I'm interested in doing a BRRR and wanted to connect. Thanks.

I currently invest in Jacksonville.

Awesome, I just moved here from Dana Point, CA. I would love to chat with you about it.

@Chudi A. - how is Jacksonville working out for you?  I'm looking at that market now.

@Bruce Weyer PM me and I will be glad to answer your questions.  @Rob Krin I like the Jacksonville market. I am primarily into buy and hold. Price to rent ratio is awesome. 

I'm in Jacksonville - message me and we can chat.

I'm wanting BRRR in Jacksonville as well. Hunting prospects.

Does anyone know of a reputable wholesaler in Jax?

Originally posted by @Bruce Weyer :

Does anyone know of a reputable wholesaler in Jax?

 Hey Bruce, 

We are wholesalers in the Jacksonville area. Please visit our website at investrla.com

On our website there is also a number to call us. Bp will not let me post it. 


hello Chudi,

how long have you been investing in the Jacksonville area ?. and if you don't mind my asking what part of Jacksonville specifically are you focused on?. 

Jacksonville investor here, St Johns, St Aug...

i am deep in the Jacksonville buy & hold market. almost at 40 SFR now..

reach out to me if you need anything. I am in the trenches everyday! 

@Mark Fries , 40 SFR, that’s impressive! What type of strategy do you use for finding deals in today’s market. I have been actively looking for about a year using MLS, and networking for off market deals with Agents, Brokers, Appraisers, and Real Estate Attorneys. The networking is a slow process and I haven’t landed a deal yet but I am continuing to send out offers. Just curious what works for you? Heavily considered direct mail but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Any insight is much appreciated!

I seldom use MLS I might get 2 a year off of there most the time it's just people finding me. I do a tremendous amount of driving for dollars and knocking on doors. I do my own version of direct mail... which consists of me isolating 10 or 20 properties that I've identified and then going after them hardcore. I think networking is cool and all that but as far as results I haven't gotten much either from that..
my best advice to find "buy & hold" deals in Jacksonville or prolly anywhere else is to "tune out the noise"... 1. find one good realtor that's all you need, and that's only to help you close the deals you MIGHT find on MLS. 2. real estate attorneys, brokers and appraisers honestly serve absolutely no purpose to helping you FIND buy-and-hold deals. I wouldn't spend any time trying to mingle and network with them in hopes to create viable leads. it's a good idea to have one attorney in your corner to help with things that may come up but that's about it. 3. networking has its benefits but I think it just holds people back from going out and taking action and finding deals. 4. driving for dollars and knocking on doors will give you far more deals than anything else that I have discovered. 5. find one decent title company and just stick with them. there's no need to try out different title companies because they all are sub-par and mediocre just find the best of the worst. they all serve the same function and can get your deals closed whether through MLS or driving for dollars. 6. keep really good notes with contact names and numbers so you can do continuous follow-up/letters. 7. in the last five to seven years I have had zero success utilizing wholesalers.. it seems they try to give me deals that are listed on MLS or other well-known resources that I already know about but they just add their markup on top of them and try to market them to me. I'm sure there's one rock-solid wholesaler out there that gets really good deals but by the time he gets them they're already gone and the odds of you being the one guy that he gives them two are slim to none. 8. local real estate investment groups that have weekly meetings- I signed up 2 years ago and went to like 7 meetings and it was a group of people that were stuck in analysis paralysis mode that mostly talked about the deals that they missed and that's not the kind of people that I chose to surround myself with. I'd rather discuss the four deals I got pending to close. I guess I'm just saying pick your path and stay laser-focused on it and over time the deals just start flowing in.

@Mark Fries thanks for taking the time to chat with me yesterday. I'm staying laser focused! 

@Mark Fries very valuable information! PM me I’m very interested in some of the things you’re saying and id love to talk

Hernell, reach out to me anytime!

No problem guys! Reach out to me anytime.

@Mark Fries great advice! I emailed you earlier; however, I see that you've answered my question. 

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I also have some interest in the Jacksonville market and have some relationships there that could be beneficial for investors. Looking to connect with some local investors in the area. Thanks

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