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We are working on setting up a local Martinsburg Real Estate Investor Networking get-together. Our first meeting will be Thursday JANUARY 25 @ 7PM. We are working on a few locations and will update this post as soon as its finalized. Please feel free to respond to this post and let me know if you are interested in joining us for the first meeting in Martinsburg. The meeting will be held by myself and another local investor. I am a Investor RE agent / Wholesaler / Landlord of multiple Martinsburg Properties. I hope we get a great response. At the very least the goal will be to build some friendships and knowledge partnerships to help everyone achieve their Real Estate Goals. Who's In?

Can’t  make the 25th but would be interested in future meetings!  

@Robert Lasko Sorry to hear you can't make it but hope to see you at future meetings. 


We are meeting at Kitzies Restaurant and Lounge. They have a bar and a private room for us! Should be a great time with lots of value for the group! January 25th 2018 @ 7pm

1545 Rock Cliff Dr. Martinsburg, WV

Hope to see everyone at the next Berkeley County RE Investor Meet Up! It was great and we look forward to many more. 

Hey Bill! I’d like to be involved in this as well.  Sorry I missed this recent one. 

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