Looking for experienced wholesalers near northwest Indiana

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Hello, I am a brand new real estate investor interesting in getting started in wholesaling in northwest Indiana/Chicago area. I was wondering if there are any experienced wholesalers in the area that would allow me to take them out to coffee or lunch to network. I am new and would love to meet with like-minded people and discuss strategies. 

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Come on by. I’m an open book. My contact info is below. 

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the offer to meet up. I have sent an email to your email @Adrien S.  

And thank you @Jim C. for tagging him in the thread. I would love to hear about your story and how you got started in real estate, too.

@Adrien S. Hope you are well, I’m a starting out as an out of state (OOS) real estate investor from CA and looking into the Indy market. Planning to buy my first OOS property in Indy and been reaching out to a few experienced folks here in BP. I would very much appreciate a few mins of your time to chat over the phone at your convenience. I will pm you thanks in advance

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