Any Ireland-based investors or realtors in the house?

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Hello there,

I'm new to BP and the fascinating world of real estate investing. This is a remarkable community full of bright minds, thank you so much for making it happen.

I'm hoping to find a good deal and make my first investment in 2018. 

I'm looking for any piece of advice or information about making real estate investments in Ireland. Things that have come to mind: What is the best source of real estate data in Ireland (things such as average rental prices, property prices for certain localities) ? Is the best resource for finding good deals/new listings? What online real estate communities would you recommend for Ireland? What would be financial factors, specific to the Irish real estate market, that I should take into consideration (for example, I found out rental income is heavily taxed in Ireland) ?

I do have a set of specific criteria in mind for what I'm looking for, and I would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

Cheers and thanks a lot in advance!

Living in the West of Ireland most of my life I can say that there is a huge demand in the rental market here (Galway)  and I can say the same about Cork City having been there for 4 years . Typical rent prices here in Galway city/ suburbs would be about 350-450 euro per double bed per month.  Houses I've viewed last Saturday were 170k AMV for a 3 bed end of terrace ,  a 215K AMV 5 bed detached that needed about 60k to be brought up to standard, and a 3bed semi detached for 230k turnkey . Yes is the main site ,  though is used also and sometimes you can find properties listed on .  If you have any more questions feel free to ask :)  -Joe

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