Looking for a good Louisville KY lender

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I am looking for the best rate for Louisville Kentucky lenders.   I have a contract on a duplex, and now my pre-approved lender is quoting me a higher rate.    Does anyone have a lender they would recommend?  

Love working with River City Bank. Park Community has a slightly better rate but are a little bit stricter on their operations when doing a construction loan,whereas RC is very lax and easy to deal with. PM for more info if you’d like!!

Tony Westphal at River City is great and hungry!

I got a great rate at American Founders, but they wanted 25% down. 

@Steve Armstrong I deal with Republic Bank for all my REI properties. Right now their current commercial loan is 15% down amortised over 20 years with a 4.85% locked for 10 years. When I checked with River City they wanted 20% down and I believe the rate was locked for only 5 years. I can give the contact info I have for my guy if you want it.

@Steve Armstrong I second River City Bank. Very easy to work with.

@Fredie Robinson I would be interested in speaking with your contact at Republic Bank if you do not mind sharing. 

@Jason James did you cut your hair man?? I didn't even recognize you by your profile pic, ha! Hope all is well

@Brad Noe Na... That's an old profile pic. My hair is as long as ever.... LOL 

All is great! Staying Busy. I see you guys are as well. Congrats on the new deal! Let me know if I can help in any way. Market is tight here and deals are going fast! 

I have a property I might want to off in a few days I will get you the info. 

Now back to the question in the thread..... LOL

@Steve Armstrong US Bank and King Southern Bank have been great to work with as well. 

I appreciate all your help!    I have another question:   Does anyone know a zoning expert?

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