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Hi Everyone!  Just joined Biggerpockets, and wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Brian, from Roswell.  Been a landlord (mostly in Michigan), and now starting up my rehabbing/wholesaling business.  And of course, trying to network, which is why I'm writing this.  I'm looking to connect with locals who want to add me to their buyer's lists, and me to do the same.  Also, if any seasoned Biggerpockets people out there feel like pointing be in the right direction as far as chat forum discussion areas, etc for Atlanta, I would greatly appreciate it!  Looking forward to meeting y'all here and at meetings...

Hi @Brian Mccay and welcome to BP! This is a great place to network with other Metro Atlantans in the RE game. And, there is an Atlanta-specific sub-forum here.

I'd be happy to add you to our investor list if you connect with me here.

Hi Mitch!

Glad to have found this forum.  Thanks for the link to the subforum, as well.  I'd love it if you'd add me to your list, and I'll do the same. 


@Brian Mccay, welcome to Bigger Pockets. I recommend that you join . They offer great training and networking. Good luck and let me know if I can be of assistance.

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