Lubbock Agents and Contractors?

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I am originally from Lubbock and my family and I are looking to invest back home soon in single and multifamily properties.  We are currently looking for recommendations for investor friendly REAs, contractors, and subs.  I appreciate any recommendations.  

I know there are some older threads on this but all a few years old, so am looking for some current recommendations.

Thanks in advance. 

Hi @Andrew Richey , We have a REA here, and sometimes you can find good wholesale deals there. Contractors and subs are difficult, like everywhere, but if you have something specific you are looking to do, I can try to give you some contacts.



Some investor-friendly REAs that I would recommend in Lubbock for multifamily and commercial properties would be Shannon King, Carl Tepper, Jeremy Steen, and Jef Conn. All of whom are industry professionals that I would trust to represent me. Full disclosure, I am also a commercial REALTOR® that specializes in multifamily property investment, so I would be more than happy to help you out or answer any questions that you might have.

As far as single family investment REAs in the area, I highly recommend Doug Duncan, Don Beard, and Lisa Victor. Each of which  I have seen find killer deals for investors.

Contractors and subs are the more difficult problem to solve, as even the big contractors here are having trouble finding laborers to work job sites. This is a double-edged sword; there is tremendous growth taking place in Lubbock, but that growth is what is occupying the time of so many good subs in the area. I will keep my eye out and let you know if I hear of anyone that would fit this role. Are you looking for someone to do full-scale remodels/flips, or more just someone on call to do any necessary maintenance and repairs that come up?


@Joan Brown , thanks! I'd love some more info on the REIA. Perhaps we can attend when we are in town. @Matt Moreland thanks for the detailed response.  I might try to reach out to you next time we are in the area!

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