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I’m Currently taking RS classes to get my salesperson license. Aiming to take the Georgia state exam on April 23. Anyone know of a good brokerage that provides good training and support for new agents ? Looking in between the areas of Cumming and Buckhead ,Georgia . My goal is to start with residential properties and hopefully move to commercial properties. Any advice and recommendation would be much appreciate. Thank you.

@Samuel Melgar first of all congrats on getting your license. Getting my license and working with investors here in the Chicago market has been one of the most rewarding career choices I have ever made. If your goal long term is to work in the commercial real estate space, I would recommend that you start there. Most residential agents have no idea how commercial real estate works, and commercial agents don't really know how to work the residential side either. The two skill sets are completely different. If you want to go commercial, I would start speaking to some of the commercial brokerages now to see about working with them. 

Thank you @johnwarren this is very helpful.

Keller Williams Realty is what you are looking for. I will look for agents with similar interest to work or farm together as opposed to get a paid mentor who is only interest in your money. Your broker or experienced agent can help you with forms.  Small brokerages are not interested in you as their activities are limited. It is a business if you have lots of personal contacts you will do well. If you are new in the area, count on having 1 year of living expense.  Tough.

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