Any suggestions for real estate agents in Little Rock, AR

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Hi there, i'm looking around the Little Rock, AR. area and was wondering if my BP friends have any suggestions of a good real estate agent there. thanks ahead of time

Hello Bindu,

I recommend talking to a couple of agents before you make a decision...need to make sure personalities work well together.  Try researching agents on Zillow and check for reviews.  Good Luck

Hey Bindu,

What do you seek? Are you interested in a great little B&B with horses, or are you looking for an upscale hideout downtown? 

Why Little Rock? 

Do you have an investment thesis?

Zillow states:

Little Rock AR Real Estate

1,976 homes for sale.

By Owner (103)

Foreclosures (27)

Foreclosed (88)

Pre-Foreclosure (226)

Recently Sold (11,000)

For Rent (562)

Tell me, as a Lender, why I should give you my money. What's your plan? 

What differentiates YOU from everyone else?  Are you going to live there? 

@Bindu Lopez you need to be more specific about what exactly are you looking for in LR?

residential, Commercial, 2-4 units MFR?

One things is for sure, dot tie yourself up with one agent/ broker.