Chicago Local Meetup -- at Lunch During the Week

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I would like to start a meeting at the lunch hour in downtown Chicago. Nothing fancy. I know food courts where we can just get food and grab a table. One I know has separate rooms that while not private, we can basically hog and take over to ourselves. 

Who's interested and when? What day of the week is best? 

Alright let's do this thing. Let's make it late next week so there's time to rustle up more interest. 7/19/18 at 12:30

How about Thursday July 19, 2018, at 12:30 at The Field Building, 135 South LaSalle. It's formerly the LaSalle National Bank Building and before that the Bank of America building. 

Meet at the east lobby, first floor. Inside the revolving doors. I'll wear my red Hawks hat. ENTER ON CLARK JUST NORTH OF ADAMS

Downstairs is a great cafeteria/restaurant/food-salad bar with rooms on the sides we can grab. 

This is the North/West corner of Clark and Adams. Across from Revival. 

I am a complete beginner to real estate investing but would love to join you guys if that's okay. I don't have a ton to contribute, but just getting to listen in on these kinds of conversations/network would be great. I'm also in River North and that date/time/location works for me. Thanks!

ALL are welcome so that's cool. I'm a N00B as well only buying my first building this year. 

I've invited another friend who owns a few doors and a realtor friend who's getting into it as well. 

And I'm going to try and invite this banker guy who is also a real estate investor. 

Bring more people. 

OMG Mark Angebrandt you work in THAT building? How cool is that? Confirm for everyone that the food down there is pretty good and reasonably priced would you? 


red hawks hat. blue shirt. 

We'll meet inside the lobby, first floor. if you're late, look for us downstairs, one of the side alcoves to the left, facing away from the cafeteria.

Thursday, August 30, 2018 we're going to have another downtown meetup for anyone who is interested. Bank of America Building, NW corner of Clark/Adams. Meet in Lobby at 12:30. Go downstairs for lunch.