Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Developer

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Hello everyone! I would really appreciate some much needed guidance. To become a residential real estate developer what license's should I begin pursuing? General Contractors License? Any others? Also what type of work experience should I pursue? Specifically what job titles? Thanks in advance. 

Wow, there is a lot of clarification needed.  If you are the one funding then you don't need a license or job title, (this is a traditional RE developer)  If you want to build it yourself you need a contractor's license and you need to understand the permit process as well as zoning laws.

You do not need a GC license. You can be an active developer pulling owner builder permits or hiring a GC to execute your vision. Ultimately you're job is to hire the pro's who know what they are doing to give you the end result. 

To do this more efficiently, you can organize/hire subcontractors to work on your behalf to do the work. Licensed folks for the big things like electrical, plumbing, roof are intelligent moves.