New Hampshire (Seacoast) Contractor Referrals?

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a duplex in Dover, NH that I'll be rehabbing and am looking a reputable contractor to help me with the work. Does anyone have any referrals? The scope of work includes new kitchens, new baths, flooring, paint, and repairing water damage/burst pipes. 

Thanks, everyone!


Hi Alex, I've been a BP member for a few years. I also own rental properties, but I work full time at Middleton Building Supply. I am a buyer for all 10 of our stores. Anyway, we have  a store right in Dover. If you stop by or call Tom Noonan 742-8200, he can either give you the names of reputable contractors, or turn you over to another of his salespeople to help you out. It's O.K. to tell him I referred you.

@Faina Bukher Honestly, I did not - I haven't had good luck with contractors out here. I went through two on the project I needed them for in this post and did not end up finding someone worthwhile