What is Rental Market Like in Winston Salem NC

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Hello All,

Is the rental market in Winston Salem strong? I have property in Charlotte and was thinking of buying a property in Winston. Just researching now. thanks for input.


I'm from Winston, but live out west now. I recently looked into the area again. There are some perceived deals around old town, but those areas are a high crime rate. I would highly recommend checking out safewise or crimereports for your area of operation before getting too serious. 

Some decent areas in my opinion to find deals exist in the Ardmore neighborhood and closer out towards the outskirts of Forsyth County like Clemmons and other areas with recent commercial growth. 

If you have specific addresses in mind I can lend my 2c opinion to what that area is like. 


The rental market in winston salem is doing great right now specially with the city growing and more and more business downtown and more building is being built

I have several rental properties in Winston but mostly on north aide of town, its a great place to invest 

Hi all, I am a investor from Virginia and looking to invest in Winston-Salem, High Point and Greensboro area. May I ask how is East Winston area? Is that safe or high crime area? I am not very familiar with the area. Thank you all in advance.

Hello! I'm a Western North Carolina local. If you look closer to zip code 27105 you'll probably find better areas to invest, especially nearer the lake. East Winston has a higher crime rate than other areas around there. West Winston is also a good alternative bet, especially since the area is growing. 


@Anthony Thomas Check out Bank of Oak Ridge for deals in and around WS/Greensboro

@Han Oo What @Caroline Hardin said was spot on.  

@Abigail Cooper I have lived in WS/Gboro area for approx 29 years of my life. Happy to provide insight/feedback if you ever have any questions!

@Junior Cene I would love to hear about your north side properties.  The neighborhood I am building is in the Germanton rd. area and I have thought about buying/flipping over there.

@Shannon Young what @Adam McCurdy said is right.  "Cheap" doesn't necessarily mean good.  Winston, like all cities have pockets of places to avoid, unless of course you are interested in D areas.

Hi all -- I found this older thread and have a similar question. I'm considering buying a property on Center Street just SouthWest of UNC School of the Arts. I'm a newbie Buy and Hold investor from California and have a couple of properties in Durham and Burlington but I'm not very familiar with Winston-Salem. I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the area and if this is a good place to invest and rehab? Thanks for your input. 

Hey Everyone! I know this is an older post, but I just moved to Winston-Salem and I’m happy to help however I can. Especially for those of you out of state, I’d love to be your “boots on the ground.” 

Send me a message, and I look forward to connecting with you all soon, thanks!