Looking for a good structural engineer for repairs in Philly

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Hi, I'm a long time reader and new poster.   One of my west Philly properties (row house) was cited for a city violation in February that said the structure was "unsafe".  I had an engineer look at it and although the conclusion was the building is structurally sound, the city wants me to address the engineer's suggestions including some foundation and structural reinforcements and exterior work.  Does anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced contractor who could address the violation?  Thanks in advance.

@Larry C.

Do you need a GC to fix the violation only or to do the entire project?

Tell me more about the project and where is it located. 



hi all, thanks for all your responses so far.

@Andresa Lobrace,  this is a 1925 built two-story rowhouse located in the Hartranft neighborhood of North Philly. In May, a Professional Engineer inspected the property and found a section of the basement stone walls and exterior brick wall above the basement of the house were bulging. The cause of the bulging appears to be from settlement of the basement foundation and former water infiltration. Additionally, a portion of the first floor was observed to be sagging. The floor joints in the basement of the stair were supported by posts and wood headers that had deteriorated and repairs were recommended (reinforce joist connections). For a permanent solution of the bulging walls, the Engineer recommended a system of steel shoring and diagonal braces be installed in the basement under the floor and against the building foundation.