Definition of a bedroom in Somerville MA

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I got my appraise report for my multi-family house and he mentioned that we have 4 bedrooms in the house. I went to the zoning department and they told me that my house is a 5 bedrooms. I did check for the right definition in the city ordinance:

"2.2.17. Bedroom. A private room for sleeping, however named, planned, intended or used, which is separated and can be closed off from other parts of the dwelling by walls and a door."

By this definition , I do have another bedroom. This bedroom doesn't have a closet but it had a hugh private balcony.

I didn't get my loan because of this technical issue and I am trying to figure out what to do with that. I can ask for another appraisal but it is almost 1k each time they are coming and I'm not sure if the outcome will be different.

You can dispute the appraisal. I’d start with the appraiser themselves and give them a signed statement from inspectional services that it’s a 5 bedroom. Docs help cover everyone’s ****

I’d also spend 50 bucks on an armoire and ask the seller to put it in the room, include a photo to go with the letter, maybe an ikea twin bed?

Talking to the bank might help, too, use the same docs.

Be nice, but be a pain :)