Newbie rental investor Fresno, Ca

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Hello Bigger Pockets!! I’m a newbie residential rental investor and hopefully soon to be flipper in the Fresno area. Are there any investor friendly meetings scheduled anytime soon where my wife and I could get in on? We’re seeking knowledge and networking from all levels. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to BP @Bruce Troutman I don't know of any specifically but if you go to National REIA they will have a list of local clubs. Also search Meetup. Lots of people have started large and small real estate meetup groups

Welcome to BP . The local meet up is a good start and they will also let which Central Valley investment clubs are best. 

Hi Bruce - there are a few excellent real estate investors meetup groups right here in Fresno  - if you check out you find them easily. Also feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to direct to the one I attend every other week - in fact - there is one happening this week on thursday.