Real estate Investor relocating to Raliegh NC.. Advice?

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Hello Everybody, Thank you for stopping by. I am a semi- experienced (@10 deals (all profitable)) investor looking to make the move to Raleigh NC due to some unforeseen circumstances dealing with family. I have been investing, flipping and acquiring rental properties for a while now on the side and would like to make the plunge to do it full time. I have done extensive research on the market there in Raliegh and would like any contacts, information, private money lenders, key agents, networking advice that’s out there. I am looking forward to hearing from you so even if it’s just a name drop thank you in advance as any and all help is greatly appreciated! Best Regards, Chevy

Hey Chevy, welcome to NC! I think you’ll really enjoy Raleigh.

We’re based down in Charlotte but do deals on occasion in Raleigh. Feel free to connect. 

Best of luck!

Welcome to N.C. ! The market here around Wilmington is crazy and from my understanding Raleigh is even crazier! Good luck there are lots of deals. You mainly do sfh rentals or MFH?

Look into the Eastern, NC area: Rocky Mount, Wilson, Smithfield, Clayton! Rocky Mount is excellent for rentals (I have 7!) and other three are excellent for rentals and flips! 

Hi @Chevy Ryans , welcome to BP and the Raleigh area! I grew up in Cary so I've called the Triangle home my entire life.  I also actively invest in the Triangle as well as eastern NC.  Happy to chat anytime about the area, and answer any questions you may have.

And @Eli Masud , I know plenty of commercial brokers I could refer you to.  But even among commercial, there are differences... are you looking to purchase an office, retail space, multifamily properties or something else?

@David Seroy - Hi David, I’m new to the Charlotte area in the last year (just closed on my first house today actually) and am just now getting active on BP forums. Wanted to reach out, happy to meet a fellow Charlottean