Looking for a Realtor in Jacksonville, FL with experience in REI

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Hi everyone,

I'm planning to build a rental portfolio in Jacksonville, Florida in the next 5 years so I'm currently looking for a "REI-savvy" Realtor/Real Estate Agent to help me out. If you guys know someone who can help me I'll really appreciate it.

Other recommendations such as property managers, contractors, lenders will be of great help.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Luis, 

I'm a licensed agent in Jax and also an active investor for the past 4 years. The brokerage I'm with also has a management division along with contacts in each realm. I'd be glad to setup a time to chat and see if I could assist in any way. 


I'll throw my wife's name and credentials into the ring, Liz Bobeck. She's been a Realtor, Investor, Rehabber since 2005. She owns 4 rental properties and does Rent to Own deals as well. Been through good times, 2005-2006 and now, as well as the rough ones 2009-2012. 13 years of real estate experience and 213 sales, closing in on 100 million mark for sales, she can answer your questions and help you. She's worked with investors from all over Florida on Jacksonville and has sold a number of parcels of land to investors and JWB here in Jacksonville. Here is her Zillow profile. You should Google each of the candidates and get a feel for them, I know I would. 

I would look for someone who is active on BP. You want someone who is connected in the REI world. I'm looking for that person in JAX as well. My realtor up here in Norfolk has connected me to professionals in every facet of the business. That's who I am looking for, but in JAX.

I second @Kevin Smith 's recommendation for @Corey Clarkston and the team at Lenger Financial / St John's Property Management. They helped me close on a 6 SFR portfolio last month (with seller financing), and are starting a renovation for me next week. It's a true, one-stop-shop for all real estate investing needs in Jacksonville.